This program is designed for the enjoyment of bird watchers and nature lovers. The bird sighting center that we are going to visit is located near Tambo Ilusión in Cordillera Escalera mountain range, which is a Regional Conservation Area.

The conservation components include the protection of birds and their ecosystems, as well as the biological diversity found in this humid and cloud forest. Among the protected species encountered here is the Koepcke's Hermit (Phaethorniskoepckeae), endemic hummingbird of Peru, among others.

You will be able to observe 16 varieties of hummingbirds, 98 varieties of birds, such as Gallito de las Rocas, Violet Urraca, White-faced Nun, Yellow-bellied Sparrowhawk, Blue-backed Skipper, Sparrowhawks, Eagles, Tanagers (five varieties) Carpenters (three varieties) Toucans, Chachalacas, Parrots, Gold pendulums, among others.

It is also possible to see: pecari tajacu (sajinos in Spanish), cuniculus paca (majas), dasyprocta punctata (añujes), armadillos, monkeys, sloths, bears and anteaters, among other animals.

This program includes three nights of lodging, all meals (vegetarian), filtered water and the following activities that will be coordinated with you:

  • Day 1: reception at Tambo Ilusion, accommodation, depending on the arrival time we will take a guided tour of the Private Conservation Area to discover the activities that are practiced daily.
  • Two visits to the bird watching area (all day) (2nd and 3rd day).
  • Visit to the thermal baths located near the bird watching center, a good opportunity to observe birds.

  • Check In: 3:00 pm includes dinner.
  • Check Out: half day includes breakfast.

This program includes three nights’ accommodation, three dinners, three breakfasts, two lunch boxes, filtered water and two visits to the bird observatory, all transfers. We are located 15 minutes from the airport. The observatory is located 40 minutes from Tambo Ilusión.

Room type Cost
The program may vary according to weather conditions.
Double room 495 USD
Single room (for one person) 335 USD