Wellness Retreats - Tambo Ilusión

A little bit of his and her story…

Armando, a Peruvian adventurer from Lima, discovered this beautiful property, that he eventually named Tambo Ilusión, more than 30 years ago. He was inspired by its natural beauty from the moment he stepped on the land. He has been protecting it, reforesting and enjoying living in this small ecosystem with the intention of sharing his paradise with travelers seeking an experience off the beaten path.

Johanne had been traveling through Latin America and South-East Asia for over 10 years looking for a special place and partner with whom to bring her vision of creating a wellness retreat center to life. In 2011, she was invited to participate in a shamanic ceremony that took place at Tambo Ilusión and was inspired by the energy of the forest and the beauty the surroundings.

After spending just a few days together, Johanne and Armando had bonded and began creating their future together as a couple co-founding Tambo Ilusión Retreat Center. It has been quite an adventure to create the center and it is very rewarding to offer a unique, very personal and transformational experience to their guests.

It is with pleasure that Johanne and Armando share their passions for nature conservation, yoga, health, wellness and much more.

By clicking below, you will be taken to Johanne’s website where the different wellness retreats offered at Tambo Ilusión are described. You can contact either Tambo Ilusión or Johanne for further information and to reserve your unique experience with us.